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Finland prepares to live without Russian gas – media

The Finnish government and companies are preparing for the end of Russian natural gas supplies, which could happen in less than three weeks, Helsingin Sanomat (HS) reported on Saturday. According to the outlet’s sources, Russian gas giant Gazprom set a deadline of May 20 for the Finnish authorities to come …

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EU prepares Russia oil embargo – media

Snubbing US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s proposal to impose tariffs and thereby mitigate a global price spike, the European Union is preparing to embargo all imports of oil from Russia sometime next week, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing anonymous officials in Brussels. Ambassadors for the 27 member …

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France prepares gas rationing

France is surveying its largest consumers of natural gas to assess which of them would have to suspend normal operations if deliveries of the fuel from Russia are cut. The plan was outlined in a decree published on Friday by the government gazette JORF. The document says the French gas …

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Kiev prepares for evacuation

Kiev will be completely evacuated if Russian troops storm over the border and attempt to invade Ukraine, a senior city official revealed on Thursday. Speaking to radio station Hromadske, Kiev’s municipal security director, Roman Tkachuk, stated that the city’s three million residents would be taken out of the capital in …

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Canada prepares for anti-Covid-mandate trucker protest

The Canadian government has mobilized police and national security forces to bolster the police presence in Ottawa as ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers protesting vaccine mandates make their way into the national capital. Around 50,000 truckers are thought to be part of the group, which will organize demonstrations over the weekend. Claiming …

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US prepares ‘other options’ against Iran’s nuclear program

White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued the warning during a Thursday presser, telling reporters that while the president “believes in diplomacy,” he is also “committed to ensuring Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon” and would pursue whatever actions necessary to stop that from happening. “Given the ongoing advances in …

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