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La Palma declared ‘disaster zone’ as Spanish govt pledges €10mn & island awaits potential toxic cloud from volcanic lava (VIDEOS)

The government’s disaster zone declaration on Tuesday means that millions in state resources can be freed to support emergency measures on La Palma, and those impacted by the eruption.  Spokesperson Isabel Rodriguez told reporters the government had allocated a preliminary package of €10.5 million ($12.30 million). The fund includes €5 …

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China pledges ‘legitimate & necessary’ response after Biden’s first arms sale to Taiwan approved by State Department

The Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned the proposed sale on Thursday, insisting that Taiwan is an “inalienable” part of the country’s territory while condemning Washington for emboldening Taiwanese separatist factions and threatening “peace and stability” in the region. “China will resolutely take legitimate and necessary counter-measures in light of the development …

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EU pledges aid to an anti-Damascus region in the name of Syrian sovereignty but sanctions Assad government for being sovereign

Right after pledging a humanitarian-aid package of some 26 million euro on Wednesday to the Kurdish-controlled breakaway region of Northeastern Syria (NES), EU authorities on Thursday renewed punitive sanctions against the Syrian government of Bashar Assad. That same day, the Syrian leader won re-election as president in a landslide victory, …

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