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Kosovo’s Albanian police ban Serbian license plates, use tear gas against protesters, as US and EU urge ‘restraint’ on both sides

Hundreds of local Serbs have gathered at Jarinje and Brnjak, two ‘border’ crossings between the renegade province – which the ethnic Albanians declared independent in 2008 – and inner Serbia. Heavily armed special units of Kosovo police blocked both checkpoints on Monday morning, insisting that all vehicles with Serbian license …

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Created a unique Atlas drowned in the tectonic plates

Geologists from the Netherlands was able to make a unique Atlas. The map shows tectonic plates plunged into the mantle of the Earth over the last 300 million years. The journal Tectonophysics informed about the discovery of scientists. In order to provide the basis for a sunken lithospheric plates, the …

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In Moscow, a car with government plates got killed by a COP

The Mercedes was moving at high speed on the dividing strip. On Monday evening, September 25, in Moscow a Mercedes with government plates got killed by the traffic police inspector. This is with reference to emergency services reports TASS. Reportedly, the accident occurred at the intersection of Novy Arbat and …

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Epic car on the “plates” in Ukraine: what to expect owners

It became known as Ukraine will solve the problem.The Committee on fiscal Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada proposed to the owners of uncleared cars at avtonomera the compromise Memorandum. Offer gives them the opportunity to legalize their cars. However, the transients refused it. But the Parliament has said: a month …

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In Ukraine, want to toughen the penalties for cars with “plates”

The bill already agreed to the Ministry of Finance and economy.Ukraine is flooded with cars with foreign registration. The owners need to simplify their legalization, the government — opposed. While officials are tightening punishment, “bleheri” are preparing a mass rally. The situation of bonded vehicles in Ukraine has sharply worsened …

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Hilarious: the most creative dressing plates

Creativity in every detail. In our world most valued and often generously paid for the quality of creativity. Modern artist should be able to make ordinary things candy and apply it in such a way that simple layman looking at this, opened his mouth: “wow! How did I not think …

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