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Scientists have identified the main cause of pimples

Apply to eliminate acne various antibiotics and other medications – it is in vain. American scientists have named the main reason for the development of inflammatory skin diseases, particularly acne. Experts believe that the presence or absence of acne on the face determines the overall microflora, and not the presence …

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These habits may increase the number of pimples on the face

About five of the most harmful habits in this regard, said the dermatologists from Spain. The market sales of cosmetics to combat acne is estimated at billions of dollars, but sometimes people don’t realize that some of their habits only increase the severity of acne. Pimples on the face becomes …

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Pimples on the chin: the causes and how to remove it

Pimples on the chin are the most common from of acne on the face. Pimples on the chin look quite aesthetically pleasing. These symptoms are evidence of a violation of the digestive and endocrine system. But the exact cause can only be determined by a specialist. Often pimples on chin …

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