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Big Pharma unites Americans in disdain

Only 6% of American voters trust big pharmaceutical companies “a lot,” while 19% don’t trust them at all, and 53% distrust them to some degree, said a Rasmussen Reports poll published on Wednesday. Three out of four respondents think Big Pharma is motivated by profit. There was remarkably little divergence …

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Big Pharma unveils plans to tackle new ‘Omicron’ strain

With the World Health Organization (WHO) designating Omicron the latest “variant of concern” following an emergency meeting on Friday, warning that the highly mutated strain could be more infectious than those seen before it, Big Pharma quickly launched into PR-mode, as several firms rushed to outline how they would combat …

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Top pharma chains held responsible for opioid crisis

CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens have been found guilty of “recklessly” distributing massive amounts of pain pills across a pair of Ohio counties, a federal jury declared on Tuesday in a first-of-its-kind verdict. The ruling represents the first time pharmacy companies had been held legally responsible for the crisis that has …

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Mexico won’t be ‘hostage’ to Big Pharma, president says, as internet predicts trouble after country rejects Covid jabs for kids

In remarks made earlier this week, the Mexican leader said his government was still waiting for the scientific community to demonstrate the benefits of vaccinating minors. Until conclusive evidence was provided, Mexico would refuse to purchase jabs for children, Obrador announced, adding that pharmaceutical firms seemed to be focused more …

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