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Scientists have made an incredible discovery about pandas

Scientists from the University of Toronto has discovered the remains of ancient pandas age of 10 million years on the territory of modern Hungary. According to paleontologists, the discovery may serve as proof of the European origin of pandas. The study is published in Geobios. Now giant pandas live only …

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Like pandas suffer from his clumsiness. Video

Some were surprised by the fact that these creatures managed to survive in the wild. Popular Youtube project iPanda has published a video that shows how pandas suffer from his clumsiness. The video contains dozens of cases of funny drops the bamboo bears. Pandas in the video fall from stairs, …

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The soft rolls: “kindergarten” for pandas. Photo

As bred pandas in China. Photographer Amy Vitale, along with a team of PBS and National Geographic Television visited the mountainous Sichuan province, to tell me how grown pandas that will be released on vol. Panda remains a long-standing symbol of China, but at the same time, it is a …

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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about pandas

Scientists told about the purpose of black and white coloring pandas.Scientists from the University of California stated that the sharp, contrasting color pandas was the result of a compromise: it helps an animal to hide in the woods and in the snow, to camouflage and to communicate with each other. …

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