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Poroshenko approved the law on transplantation of organs

Under the law, any person will be able to transfer the right to transplant organs after his death. President Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on organ transplantation. A corresponding note in the card bill appeared on Wednesday, June 20. The document provides that the person wishing to become a …

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Unusual sensory organs in different animals. Photo

Nature knows how to surprise. The only way of understanding the world is through our senses. Therefore, the senses are the basis for understanding what is happening around us. It is considered that we have five senses, but in reality there are at least nine, maybe more, depending on what …

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The Swedes learned how to print human organs on a 3D printer

The founder is sure that after some time, so it will be possible to create organs for transplantation to people. The founder of a startup Cellink Eric Gatenholm showed that human organs can be printed on a special 3D printer. 28-year-old Gatenholm sure that 20 years from using this technology …

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Experts said that when people begin to “print” organs

Reportedly, two years later, the seal bodies will be commonplace. This forecast was presented by consulting company Gartner. In three years the market for medical 3D printing will exceed $1 billion, and 3D printers will use in each third of the operation. Overview of the future market has prepared the …

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Russia has been trying to sell live human organs

For this, the criminals got 1,5 million rubles Two residents of Taganrog was trying to sell live human organs. On Thursday, August 31, reports the official representative of the Prosecutor of the region Elizabeth Komakhidze. According to investigators, the suspects inside the hotel room of one of the hotels in …

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Scientists have named five unnecessary organs

Scientists announced the list of five agencies in which modern man no longer needs. Among the so-called “rudiments” carried the coccyx, Appendix, wisdom teeth, ear muscles and third eyelid. Researchers say that first of all the bodies on this list have been necessary for human survival, but in modern conditions …

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