Tuesday , November 30 2021
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US ban on investing in Chinese companies has the opposite effect, it strengthens China & diverts money from Wall Street

President Joe Biden on Thursday expanded a Trump-era ban on American investments in Chinese companies that Washington believes to be associated with China’s “military-industrial complex.”  The list includes 59 companies and covers swathes of sectors from aerospace industries, to railways, to nuclear power, to oil, telecommunications and, of course, semiconductors. …

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The British elite lauded Ai Weiwei when he criticised China, but it’s the opposite when he highlights their treatment of Assange

‘One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter’ is a flowery way of saying actions can be interpreted differently, depending on your viewpoint. It’s a scenario acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has often encountered and, unfortunately, is in again. He fled his homeland for being deemed too controversial for the state’s …

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