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Fresh numbers and charts about the us economy

I got fresh data on the us economy drove up. And all exclusively nepolzhivye source – “Bloomberg”, “wall Street Journal” and “financial times”. So the usual cries of “Vyvsevreti” will be more fun than usual. If someone still doesn’t understand why the state of the economy “potential enemy” is important …

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Come in large numbers: migrants are building a new Russia

Anyone who has arrived to Moscow through Domodedovo, passing passport control, could observe the flow from the East. Gloomy and poorly dressed people, mostly men. Them and our countrymen now sometimes throw in different floors, all crowded into the same queue. But still impressive. Two different crowds. These people come …

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In Kiev arrested the kidnappers car numbers

The thieves acted at night for two months two or three times a weekIn Kiev, the attackers stole from the car and returned to their owners for reward. As reported in GU NP in Kiev in Shevchenkovsky police Department, statements were made by representatives of several embassies of other States …

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Infographics Saw the victim and traps in numbers

You remember that the eighth “Saw” (Jigsaw) start at the domestic box office in a few days? Maybe you and tickets are already stocked? Anyway, 26 Oct film brothers Spiridov will continue the grossing horror franchise in film history. It all started in 2004 when James WAN and Lee Wannell …

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Money laundering in Ukraine: incredible numbers

Report for the 9 months. The state service for financial monitoring of Ukraine for 9 months of 2017, transferred to law enforcement agencies 518 materials on financial transactions which may be related to money laundering or criminal offence. It is noted that in these materials the amount of financial transactions, …

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Militants “DNR” detained a car with Ukrainian numbers

The detained vehicle get towed. The so-called “MIA DNR” has started to detain the vehicles with registration number plates of other regions of Ukraine, except Donetsk. It is reported by the expert group “Information resistance”. In particular, explained in the IP, the staff of “traffic police” stop and thoroughly inspect …

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