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Want 500 rubles for nothing?

They again all went according to plan. They were confident in their rightness, but instead of recognizing the error of their judgment – decided to cast aside all the money. Some would call this position a trouble, but the name of her opposition. First of all dissuaded to go to …

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“Gone — so nowhere and nothing”

“Leave here, as nowhere else,” say the workers of the farm “Glusk dawn.” Before the New year milkers dairy complex Berezovka received salary for November is about 220 rubles. And the cleaning lady, whose four children — 70 rubles. TUT.BY tried to find out why it happened and what will …

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“We took nothing”

I think we all are entangled in this Saga, where it is unclear what’s true and what’s another lie in order to charge off off. Today, however, was the case of doping detective with Russia. Hard in every sense of the WADA decision surprised even absolutely uninterested in sports people: …

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Relations with Russia for America mean nothing at all

The three main victims of us sanctions — Russia, China and Iran unite in a military-political and economic Union, together to resist American hegemony. The prospects for the stability of the new world order in such circumstances, when Washington fell out with all (including allies of yesterday) is extremely fragile. …

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Is nothing sacred to these people

The more people and the victims – the better for them. Specially choose the dates and the places where the most people. Nobody otherwise they will not hear and will not notice. When is the rally in a time of great celebration – once it is clear that the aim …

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