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Normal Ukrainian government

Meanwhile, with the accession of Vladimir Zelensky on a post of the President of Ukraine passed 5.5 months. Versions of what is going to happen, were disastrous for his opponents, moderately optimistic his supporters and sympathizers. Catastrophic, in my opinion, has disappeared, although some of the people in Ukraine is …

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Expert: Ukrainians are no longer “normal”

  In early 2014 in Kiev there was a coup. Then the Crimea became part of Russia, and residents of Donbass proclaimed DNI and LC as independent republics. Kiev, this situation was not to their liking, so the government sent the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) to the Donbass, to …

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These products interfere with normal sleep

It is recommended to abandon the use of that food before bed. That overeating at night is bad, you know, perhaps, everything. However, a light snack a couple of hours of sleep you can afford. Most importantly, avoid products, after which sleep will be heavy and the morning is evil. …

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Impressive shots taken on a normal camera. Photo

No more excuses. Phillip Haumesser (Phillip Haumesser) — professional a self-taught photographer whose work has appeared in numerous international publications. All my knowledge about photography Haumesser learned from instructional YouTube channels. His work has been published by The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Woman’s Day. Perhaps that is why the photographer …

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Natalie Portman surprised the fans of “normal” clothes

Fans didn’t expect to see her in normal clothes. American movie star Natalie Portman has once again demonstrated his favorite casual clothes. The celebrity chose to walk to the café a white t-shirt and blue jeans. 36-year-old Portman appears frequently in the people in simple and comfortable clothes. Fashion experts …

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