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Experts suggested how to choose a watermelon without nitrates

There are several characteristic features. Melons are considered to be one of the most useful berries, which contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, beneficial effect on the internal organs and promote the conclusion of the body of excess fluid and toxins. But this is true only for seasonal berries. …

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Spring vegetables: how to protect yourself from nitrates

The word “nitrate” terrifies most buyers of early vegetables and fruits. Called nitrates salts of nitric acid, which are present in all living organisms and constitute an essential part of plant nutrition. In itself, the presence of nitrates in the human body naturally. So the problem is not the presence …

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How to clean spring vegetables by nitrates and pesticides

Named ways of reducing the amount of harmful substances in vegetables.To resist early vegetables is almost impossible — radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes and asks in his mouth. Now, however, these, in fact, a vitamin products represent a health hazard, because the eyeballs stuffed with nitrates. Are there ways to reduce the …

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The doctors told me how not to poison with nitrates

Spring vegetables can be dangerous. Still far from the first spring leaves on the trees, but on the shelves of markets and supermarkets have “green” early radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, salad… to grow early vegetables, agronomists use greenhouses, artificial light and heat, and for fast ripening – fertilizer. Some of these …

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