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The monarchs, who received a strange nickname. Photo

What had names for monarchs. Perhaps, everyone has heard about such monarchs as Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, Louis XIV “the sun King”. However, many rulers with nicknames much less fortunate. Some of these people mocked, “hanging” unflattering labels for stupidity or perfect madness. For what gave the nickname …

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Putin called his nickname

The President of the Russian Federation admitted that earlier in his life there was an alias. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin admitted that during his studies in intelligence, the KGB used an alias and dress. “We all had pseudonyms”, — said the head of the Kremlin during the meeting …

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Putin’s classmate called him a funny nickname among his KGB

The President of Russia while studying at the Institute for foreign intelligence Andropov was known as “the Stub”. Russian President Vladimir Putin was not a spy, he never worked in intelligence for a single day, said the former Soviet intelligence officer, a classmate of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the …

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