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Netizens made fun of her wedding dress bridesmaid

Dressed women noticed the similarity with the Cinderella dress cartoon, when he broke her stepsisters. Netizens made fun of wedding dress, women a ridiculous resemblance. They found it similar to the outfit of Cinderella after her dress broke her sister’s, and it was in rags. This writes the online edition …

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Netizens exposed the false news Pro-Kremlin media

“Fake” news was quickly calculated. October 11, Putin’s propagandists invented the news that Norwegian diplomats, German MPs and a Nobel laureate supported the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Today, the website of the Russian NTV published the news “Norwegian diplomats intend to convince the West that Crimea is part of …

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Netizens harshly postebalsya over Kim Jong-UN

The politician from North Korea was a good opportunity to create memes. Photo, which the Korean dictator with delight treats rose satchel appeared online for quite some time. But a meme it was only after Friday, when it was flooded by Reddit. Only after that users were able to enjoy …

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Netizens discovered the double of Olga Freimut

Interestingly, she also works on television. TV presenter Marina Leonchuk, who for several years wanted the viewers “1 + 1” a lovely morning together with Anatoly Anatolich, after it left the channel and now the morning air leads another pair – Egor Gordeev and Nelia Shovkoplyas, 30-year-old journalist, a new …

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“YAP”: netizens harshly ridiculed Putin

In the network laugh at the hypocritical statement of the President of the Russian Federation.Russian President Vladimir Putin said that more human values, which caused a mixed reaction among users of social networks. Video published on Twitter journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov. In the video Putin says that …

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