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US intel mistake helped Nazis spread disinfo, book claims

A US intelligence chief inadvertently helped the Nazis push disinformation during World War II after he continued using a cipher that had been compromised by the Germans, according to classified records discussed in a new book. In his new book, ‘Covert Legions: US Army Intelligence in Germany 1944-1949’, historian and …

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Ukrainian ‘Nazis’ have taken control of Zelensky, Putin claims

As tensions run high in the war-torn Donbass region, Putin remarked that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had been sucked into the orbit of the “Nazis” who had been pulling officials off the path of seeking a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. Speaking to journalists at his annual end-of-year press conference …

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Pope likens EU to Nazis over word ‘Christmas’

The European Commission last week made a U-turn on its language replacement after a public backlash, including from the Vatican. Pope Francis minced no words as he decried, during a flight home from Cyprus and Greece, what he saw as an ill-advised idea. “In history many, many dictatorships have tried …

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Canada checks whether its soldiers train Ukrainian neo-Nazis

In response to the bombshell accusations, defense department spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier revealed that an internal review had begun last month that will “look holistically at all missions” where the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are involved with foreign military personnel. However, he noted that some details would remain secret since …

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27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives fighting the Nazis, Westerners comparing USSR to Hitler’s Germany insult their memory

It has apparently become a yearly tradition for some bad actors to try and force us to unnecessarily debate simple historical truths about World War II.  As tensions ratchet up against Russia from Western countries, history is correspondingly revised or distorted to denigrate the Soviet Union’s unquestionable heroism during the …

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Soviet victims of Nazis were long ‘forgotten group,’ German president Steinmeier says ahead of Buchenwald liberation anniversary

Buchenwald was one of the longest-operating and largest facilities, where people deemed undesirable by the Nazi government were worked to death or simply killed. The largest group at the concentration camp were Soviet prisoners of war and civilians kidnapped as slaves in Nazi-occupied parts of the Soviet Union, Steinmeier reminded …

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