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Twitter bans US Marine for questioning Ukraine narrative

Twitter “permanently suspended” the retired US Marine Corps officer Scott Ritter on Wednesday, accusing him of engaging in prohibited behavior by questioning the claims of Ukrainian authorities that Russian soldiers had massacred civilians in Bucha near Kiev. Ritter is best known as the former UN weapons inspector who doubted US …

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Washington turns to TikTok influencers to promote its narrative on Ukraine

Since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, social media has been bombarded with one-sided hero worship, amplified and drawn into users’ timelines through the magic of the infamously mysterious algorithms that govern these platforms, whose functioning regulators worldwide have had trouble grasping. There’s the fictitious tale of the Ukrainian …

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UK could ban RT to keep ‘one narrative’ – former British ambassador

Former British diplomat Peter Ford and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone have defended news channel RT after the UK government suggested it should be banned over alleged “disinformation,” while media watchdog Ofcom said it won’t tolerate “one-sided propaganda.” Ford, a former British Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain, and Livingstone, who …

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‘False narrative’: Zuckerberg rejects latest accusation that FB ‘promotes hate’ & puts ‘profit over safety’ in wordy rebuttal

Zuckerberg took to his own platform on Tuesday night with a massive, 1,300-word essay, saying he wanted to share a note he wrote to all company employees hours after a self-avowed Facebook ‘whistleblower’ testified before US lawmakers, leveling withering critiques against the site and its business practices.  “Now that today’s testimony is …

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Bringing Facebook to heel: A system-connected ‘whistleblower’ and a ‘for the children’ narrative mask a bid for political control

Haugen came seemingly out of nowhere to testify before the Senate on Tuesday, yet she revealed nothing besides well-rehearsed bromides about the Menlo Park behemoth putting “profits over people” and somehow endangering Our Democracy by refusing to police misinformation, or something. Stunning and brave! She also landed a ‘60 Minutes’ …

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