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Daily life of the tribes in Namibia. Photo

Himba is a nomadic people, originally from the tribe of the Herero speaking in a dialect orihime. People engaged in hunting, gathering and herding. Like in Africa today almost never find: a completely primitive way of life left for these people is natural, not ostentatious. Unlike the East African Masai, …

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Amazing natural beauty of Namibia. Photo

Pristine country in southwest Africa is the world’s second lowest population density, however, annually attracts over a million tourists. Namibia is a strikingly beautiful and unique African country. Unique culture, the diversity of natural landscapes and an abundance of exotic animals doing a trip to Namibia a dream for any …

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The daily life of the natives of Namibia. Photo

Bushmen of Namibia on the expressive images Goran Jovic Freelancer Goran Jovic repeatedly went to Africa as a travel-photographer and humanitarian mission, and each time have come back with a new amazing photoset. His new series of photographs entitled The way of Bushmen (“the way of the Bushmen”) tells about …

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