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The rules of life in Russia in constant motion

SDA why change every year? We have all the legislation is in constant motion: cancelled, entered, changed, completely or partially, a huge amount of rules, laws, codes, regulations that have long been impossible to remember, to study and to learn, but the process “mad printer” does not stop. The government …

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Time-tested folk remedies for motion sickness

In folk medicine there are several effective methods that help cope with motion sickness in transport. Some people get motion sickness in any vehicle – plane, car, boat, train and so on. The feeling is quite unpleasant and often attack ends with vomiting sickness. Among the popular methods of combating …

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The doctors explained how to deal with motion sickness

According to statistics, 70% of people suffer from motion sickness. Moreover, it may occur in them in different types of transport from planes to ships and even cars. The sickness has well-defined symptoms: nausea, vomiting, unwell, feeling short of breath. Particularly sensitive to pitching to transport children. But adults often …

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The jet showed in slow motion

Experimenters Amateurs used a high speed camera Phantom V2511 with a frequency of 28 shooting thousands of frames per second. YouTube channel Slow Mo Guys presented a video in which slow motion shows the jet stream, created a workable model rocket. Experimenters Amateurs used a high speed camera Phantom V2511 …

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