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How to learn to quickly assemble in the morning

4 tips that will save timeIf you are often late for work, which means that you should better monitor and organize your time this morning. Timer Use a timer, which will control the time for morning procedures, for example, shower or popivaya coffee. The social network – in the directionStop, …

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Morning in Kiev: dozens of accidents and a seven-point tube

On the capital’s roads since the morning a heavy sleet, which enhances the freezing rain. Currently, the major highways of the city as traffic is characterized as slow. Traffic congestion has reached 7 points, mostly due to crashes and very slow traffic. Paralyzed traffic on Victory Avenue, riverside road, Taras …

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The doctors explained why every morning to eat three eggs

Eggs is one of the most protein-rich foodsThey also have a serious supply of omega-3, vitamin D, vitamin T, B12, minerals like selenium and much more useful, say nutritionists. Don’t you think that we slightly underestimate the eggs? Actually you can make them Breakfast every day, and that’s what positive …

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Victoria Beckham showed what in the morning

The morning pictures of the stars. 43-year-old Victoria Beckham went to Boston, where he engaged in a joint project with Reebok. Even the mission designer does not change the principles of healthy eating, and she prepares a light Breakfast. One such culinary experiments, she showed in the Instagram. We in …

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Five morning habits to keep you healthy

Doctors told, what habits have healthy and happy people. Perhaps you have noticed that some of your colleagues the whole day spinning like a squirrel in a cage, and manages to perform all its tasks, and someone sleeps all day and did not have time, while another complains of feeling. …

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