Friday , September 25 2020
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The moment of truth for Vladimir Putin

What distinguishes a democratic state from an undemocratic? The fact that in a critical situation in a democratic state authorities, primarily, from heads of state to immediately appeal to the public, to the people personally to explain what is happening. Leaders (true leaders) to publicly take responsibility for the actions …

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The moment of truth. Corruption Belarus among the worst

In Belarus there is neither the strategy nor the action plan for the fight against corruption, and not even an effective prevention system. And most importantly, the Belarusian authorities have nothing to say against it. The group of States of the Council of Europe against corruption (GRECO), which includes Belarus, …

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Funny pictures taken at the right moment

Here is footage. It seems to us that required some special kind of luck to make the frame in the most perfect moment that will turn an ordinary and unremarkable photograph into a masterpiece, view a which or not be able to stop bursting out laughing or in horror will …

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Gifts that you can buy at the last moment

Before the main holiday of the year remained a matter of hours, and you still have time to buy gifts? knows that the easiest way to find in stores before the New year. Take our advice on Board, and then your friends and loved ones will not be left …

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Seconds before: a Photo taken at the last moment

Photos taken a second before a small disaster. Just imagine, information is disseminated on our nerve fibers with a speed of 3 to 120 meters per second, which is very, very fast. But even this is often insufficient to be able to photograph some epic moment. To blow snow 3… …

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