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Denmark: Midsummer Santa Claus came on Christmas Congress

This is the 60th Congress in history. In the height of summer in Copenhagen was a breath of Christmas. In Copenhagen (Denmark) more than 150 men and women in costumes of Santa Claus gathered for the 60th annual Christmas world Congress. The meeting will last three days. The colorful parades, …

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As Ukrainians celebrated Midsummer. Photo

In the night of 6 to 7 July there was an ancient Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala. In this day people making wreaths, picking herbs, jump over the fire and wonder. It is believed that only after this holiday you can swim in the ponds because of them disappears evil. …

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Midsummer: how to celebrate the holiday in Kiev

The program of events From 6 July 7 residents of the capital will experience the most mystical and mysterious night of the year. About where in the capital and a number of fun and unusual will celebrate Ivan Kupala. Traditional celebrations will be held at the National Museum of folk …

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Midsummer: what not to do to women and children

Women are forbidden to celebrate Midsummer and to visit in the evening campfire On the night of 6 to 7 July is celebrated the ancient holiday of the Eastern Slavs Midsummer. It is believed that at this time, waking up every timber evil, so this night can’t sleep. Besides sleep, …

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