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US clears heavy arms sales to Middle East state

The US State Department greenlit a potential sale of 300 Patriot missiles and related equipment to Saudi Arabia to bolster its defenses for an estimated cost of $3.05 billion, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said on Tuesday. The agency said that the kingdom requested to buy 300 Raytheon Technologies-made MIM-104E …

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US is ‘priority’ of every Middle East country – White House

Washington has re-established itself under President Joe Biden’s watch as the dominant security and economic partner desired by Middle East governments, halting a trend toward countries seeking closer ties with Russia and China, a senior White House official has claimed. “If you go back to this region, say, I don’t …

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Biden comments on ‘vacuum’ in Middle East

President Joe Biden told reporters on Thursday that the US would “continue to lead” in the Middle East, in order to stop Russia and China from filling a “vacuum.” Beijing took a dim view of his words, responding that only the “people in the Middle East are the masters of …

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Ukraine severs diplomatic ties with Middle East state

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday that it’s severing diplomatic ties with Syria after Damascus recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in Donbass. In a statement published on its website, the ministry said it “strongly condemns” Syria’s decision, which it considers an “unfriendly …

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‘Wind’ from ‘middle Earth’ found in hidden passage

The opening, located about 100km (62 miles) below central Panama, might serve as a conduit for mantle rocks and materials to travel more than 1,600km (1,000 miles) from their point of origin underneath the Galapagos Islands, according to research published last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of …

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US Navy tests laser weapon in Middle East

On Tuesday, the US Navy used a prototype laser weapons system demonstrator (LWSD) to successfully destroy a floating training target, the navy’s Fifth Fleet announced on Wednesday. The weapon, considered a next-generation follow-on to its existing laser weapon system (LaWS), was mounted aboard the USS Portland, an amphibious transport dock …

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