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EXPLOSION and fire rock Mexican oil refinery in Veracruz state (VIDEO)

The incident occurred at the Petróleos Mexicano (Pemex) refinery named after former Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas. Black smoke, flames and repeated explosions can be seen and heard in videos that have made rounds on social media on Wednesday. Mexico’s safety, energy and environment regulator ASEA reported that the blaze started …

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Mexican army seizes ‘counterfeit’ shipment of Sputnik V as developers of Russian Covid-19 vaccine warn of efforts to discredit jab

In a statement published on Wednesday, the Mexican government announced that customs officials, working together with the armed forces, seized two ice chests loaded with doses from a light aircraft landing at Campeche International Airport, in the southeast of the country. Official photos show them stowed alongside soft drinks and …

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In the Mexican desert filmed an unidentified creature

The witness got scared when I saw the disappearance of creatures in the sand. The world wide web extends the cryptic entry, received on 8 April this year, somewhere in the Mexican desert of Chihuahua. Amazing video shows a strange object similar to a serpentine creature with a large head. …

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Mexican scientists have discovered a sensational find

Found the remains of a giant sloth that lived 10,000 years ago.Mexican scientists announced the discovery of the fossilized remains of a previously unknown species of giant sloths. Part of the skeleton of an animal that lived about ten thousand years ago, was discovered deep at the bottom flooded with …

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Mexican archaeologists have made the Grand opening

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the famous pyramids of the Ghost town.Archaeologists have found evidence that all the pyramids of the mysterious city of Teotihuacan was a “copy” of the underworld. Scientists from the National Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico through CT scan found a tunnel under …

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Mexican mayor has married a crocodile. Video

According to tradition, saved from the XVIII century, the mayors of San Pedro Huamelula every year crowned with crocodiles. The day before the wedding the crocodile baptized. Before the ceremony the reptile dressed in a white dress and wearing a wreath on his head. In addition, she tied the jaw, …

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