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Researcher ‘raped’ in metaverse – report

A group of researchers from the SumOfUs NGO has experienced assorted abuse and violence on the Meta-owned Horizon Worlds metaverse platform. A fresh report from the group, titled ‘Metaverse: another cesspool of toxic content’, revealed that their virtual reality experience involved racial abuse, gun violence and even rape. The report …

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Meta unveils fees on metaverse sales

Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms will charge creators around 47.5% on sales of digital assets and experiences made inside the firm’s virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds. Meta spokesperson confirmed to CNBC on Wednesday that the overall charge is comprised of a 30% hardware platform fee for sales made through Meta …

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JPMorgan leaps into metaverse

JPMorgan Chase announced on Tuesday the opening of a lounge in the Decentraland virtual world, becoming the first bank to arrive in the metaverse. According to the Wall Street bank, the metaverse has a market opportunity of $1 trillion in yearly revenue, as creators tap Web3 to monetize their work …

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Russia issues ‘metaverse’ warning

Regulators in Russia are looking into the possibility of new restrictions on virtual reality (VR), saying they are worried that it could enable illegal activity, while acknowledging that the “metaverse” also offers new possibilities for human interaction. The Scientific Technical Center of Roskomnadzor, the federal agency responsible for monitoring mass …

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First country agrees to set up embassy in METAVERSE

The Barbadian government officially signed an agreement to establish a digital embassy in Decentraland, a user-owned, Ethereum-based digital environment, on Sunday, CoinDesk reported, citing the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. The tech platform also noted the move in a tweet. The island does not plan to stop …

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Matrix? Misdirection? Cringe? Zuckerberg’s presentation of future life in ‘metaverse’ sparks fear, loathing, marvel and mockery

Zuckerberg announced the rebranding on Thursday, during the company’s hour-long Connect 2021 virtual event, describing it as “the next evolution of social connection.” Though the technologies to make the “metaverse” happen are still in development and may be years off, the name change is effective immediately.  Meta won’t erase Facebook …

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