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Merkel criticized for ‘dangerous’ call with Lukashenko over Belarus border crisis

Speaking on Wednesday, Lithuania’s top diplomat Gabrielius Landsbergis expressed concerns over the telephone conversation between Merkel and President Alexander Lukashenko which took place earlier this week. According to Landsbergis, the discussions were dangerous as the long-time Belarusian leader could use the opportunity “to legitimize himself.” He claimed that Lukashenko “will …

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Putin offers Merkel way to solve Belarus border migrant crisis

Putin told Merkel on Thursday that the European Union should resolve the migrant stalemate at the Polish-Belarus frontier in accordance with “international humanitarian law.” This is the second time the Russian president and the caretaker German chancellor have talked on the phone in the past two days. DETAILS TO FOLLOW

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Merkel wants Putin to help solve Poland-Belarus border crisis

Speaking on Wednesday, Merkel’s spokesperson told the media that the outgoing German leader had held discussions with Putin about the Belarus border crisis.   According to the spokesperson, Merkel said that Minsk’s “instrumentalization of migrants” was inhumane and called on the Russian president to press Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko on the matter.  …

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As Merkel fashions her exit, the blocking of RT’s German-language YouTube may not be the only Russia crisis her successor inherits

On Tuesday, YouTube banned two channels belonging to RT’s German-language affiliates in a move that the Russian Foreign Ministry has said amounts to “censorship” and “aggression.” The response has been furious, with Moscow threatening to block the site altogether and insisting it could have only taken place with the “obvious …

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