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On the inhabitants of Kiev fall melting icicles

December 24 due to temperature changes and increased wind speed, from the roofs of houses it starts to snow, frost and icicles. Experts advise: pay attention to whether there is ice and snow on the roofs of houses, and bypass these seats by party;not under the installed fencing;to keep a …

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What threatens the Ukrainians melting glaciers

Seven real threats. Climate scientists still have not come to a common denominator in the issue of global warming. However, the recent discovery by NASA showed that the glaciers will still melt, and sea — attack. FACTS. NASA (United States space Agency) revealed that the area of Land Marie Byrd …

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In Kiev to combat melting snow sent 112 machines

The snow was melting and no equipment. 112 units of snowplows, road maintenance enterprises of the municipal Corporation “kievavtodor” quickly on their original positions on the road network. This is stated in the message of “kievavtodor” on the social network Facebook. “To prevent slipperiness while on dangerous sections of the …

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Mysterious plume: revealed the main cause of melting glaciers

The researchers found under the ice of Antarctica mysterious teplansky layer. Scientists have discovered new evidence that under the ice sheet of West Antarctica is teplansky layer. His age is estimated to be 50-110 million years. A study conducted by NASA showed that the mysterious geothermal mantle plume beneath the …

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Antarctic glaciers has accelerated the melting

In the future, the process of ice melting will accelerate even two or three times. According to the forecast made on the basis of satellite images of glaciers in the future, the process of ice melting will accelerate even two to three times, increasing the level of the World ocean. …

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