Thursday , October 17 2019
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be released on Steam

Exact release date and price of games from set Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be announced later. In his quest to unite the community of PC gamers and the Xbox, Microsoft has decided to release on personal computers one of the major console exclusives – Halo. The day before …

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In Kiev pedestrians punished “master of Parking”

The incident occurred June 3 at the capital on the street Drahomanov, when disgruntled pedestrians punished “master of Parking”. So, the man driving the Audi car threw the car thereby blocking the sidewalk, in consequence of which, the people of Kiev had to bypass the car straight on the road. …

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Profession, which soon fully master robots. Photo

The specialty that will not work. Experts and scientists believe that in the next 10-15 years the world will change seriously in the first place, thanks to the development of robotics. Some even are convinced that will see a new global revolution not only in industry but throughout the economy …

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