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Ukrainian refugees could be housed in oligarchs’ mansions

UK Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has shown his support for the idea of housing Ukrainian refugees in the confiscated properties of some of Russia’s wealthiest people. During an LBC radio broadcast on Friday, Raab, formerly the UK foreign secretary, confirmed that the property assets owned by Russian oligarchs in …

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Luxury mansions for these rich people. Photo

This is a must see. Architects from all over the world never cease to amaze us, every day, creating the most beautiful homes on the planet. These incredible works in the construction industry located in very scenic locations, and the interior design of these homes is striking and impresses with …

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Ten of the world’s most expensive mansions. Photo

They cost a fortune. The first villas appeared during the Roman Empire. Rural country house was also a common occurrence in Rome. During the 20th century in England and America it has become fashionable to have a luxurious Villa outside the city. Almost every rich person has a country Villa. …

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Luxurious mansions of Hollywood stars. Photo

Maximum comfort is expensive. Each of us equip your home to be it was most comfortable. Someone for sound sleep is essential elegant bed and silk bedding, and someone enough to have a mattress on the floor with carpet. Quirks is at all, and celebrities are no exception. We never …

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