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Mark Sorkin: Unlearned lessons of the October revolution

7 November is a significant date for Russia and for the world. The great October socialist revolution gave the world many valuable lessons. The subject was discussed in the program “really” with journalist mark Sorkin. The actions of modern society, namely the lack of zeal for their country and its …

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WordPanda Tests Smart English Lessons

Real deep learning can be based on understanding how the language works. The deeper we understand the rules the language obeys, the less senseless memorizing we’ll need. But to share this understanding, we have to obtain it first. Real deep learning can be based on absolute understanding how the abstract …

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Lessons of style from Parisian beauties. Photo

Twenty-stylish autumn images. We all know that French women differ in their ability to follow trends and, thus, not to lose their own unique style. Moreover, they are asking fashion. As the portal Сlutch, now in the French capital in full swing fashion Week. And while the famous designers demonstrate …

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What during lessons played Soviet children. Photo

There was a time when smartphones nobody knew. Therefore, children in boring lessons fun as they could. What the Soviet child to experience? Only notebook. “Battleship” “A-one”. — “Past”. — “G-four”. — “Wounded”. “Sea battle” strategy of our childhood. The most favorite game of all children. Even now she is …

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