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Doctors called the best berry to cleanse the kidneys and liver

Cherries cleanses the body of toxins and poisons.The color palette is black cherry variety – are light yellow, almost white berries, yellow, pink, red, dark red, and almost black. One of the informal names black cherry – “bird cherry”. How useful cherries Cherries are rich in fructose, pectin, vitamins a, …

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Called dangerous habits that kill the kidneys

Kidneys are one of the major paired organs. Their main task is to clean the blood. They also participate in the regulation of water-salt balance, blood pressure, etc. Without the proper functioning of the kidneys, the body will not be able to fully function. However, few people realize that many …

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The best recipes for good kidneys

There are several kidney diseases associated with occurring in the body inflammatory processes affecting its different departments. Pyelonephritis – inflammation of the kidneys, occurring against the backdrop of falling into the body of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Glomerulonephritis – a disease in which the inflammatory process covers only the glomeruli …

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Scientific opinion: being overweight is killing the kidneys

Adipose tissue secretes hormones that cause inflammation and oxidative stress and other dangerous manifestations Scientists from the German society of Nephrology reported the negative impact of overweight on the health of the kidneys. It is not only an indirect effect through the increase in blood pressure, but also on the …

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This kind of meat is harmful for the kidneys

Better to give him. Doctors from Singapore have linked the consumption of red meat with an increased risk of developing kidney failure, whereas the use in food of other protein sources useful. A study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Scientists for 15.5 years tracked the …

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