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Near Kiev kidnapped the employee of the Prosecutor’s office

The kidnapping occurred after the accident. May 24, Boryspil district, Kyiv region there was an accident involving two cars. Then one of the participants of the accident was taken away in an unknown direction on the second car. At 12:15 in Kyiv region and introduced operational plan “Siren”. According to …

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Uzhgorod: unknown in broad daylight a man was kidnapped

The incident occurred this morning, the 10th of December. Around 11:00 in Uzhgorod the four men in the SUV “Mercedes” kidnapped person. “Today, on my day off, a patrol saw from the window of the house, as an unknown force pulled the car from his neighbor, while threatening with the …

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In Kiev kidnapped 23-year-old girl

The police caught the kidnappers of the 23-year-old girl. The car managed to hold on the way to Odessa to Uman. 6 Dec Obolon street Family Kojenkov 32-year-old man along with his friend trapped the girl near her entrance. Threatening with a knife, put in the car and drove toward …

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