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Ukraine keeps no secrets from CIA – Zelensky

Kiev does not keep “any secrets” from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), President Vladimir Zelensky has admitted. He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with CNN, aired on Monday, expressing “surprise” that his recent meeting with CIA boss William Burns got into the media limelight. “My communication with …

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Ukraine keeps US in the dark on military operations – NYT

The US government has better information on Russian troops in Ukraine than on Ukrainian forces, The New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing US officials. Kiev is keeping its biggest military sponsor in the dark, possibly even misleading Washington to protect the generous flow of American military aid into the …

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EU explains why it keeps buying Russian oil

Europe cannot place an immediate embargo on Russian oil, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen has said, as it would allow Moscow to sell its fuel elsewhere and possibly earn more money to fund its military offensive in Ukraine. “If we would completely, immediately, as of today cut off …

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Russia keeps grain flowing abroad

Russia has continued exporting grain to some of its biggest customers, including Egypt, Turkey, and Iran, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing the general director of the Moscow-based Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, Dmitry Rylko. Supplies have been maintained despite the surge in shipping costs, he said. According to Logistics OS, …

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Mike Tyson keeps his cool as man pulls gun (VIDEO)

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was apparently unfazed by a man who reportedly challenged him to a fight at a Hollywood comedy club, sitting motionless even as the assailant pulled a gun from his waistband. A viral video of the encounter shows an unidentified man interrupting the comedy show …

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Macron keeps mandatory vaccination on the table

Asked by French TV channels TF1 and LCI on Wednesday whether vaccination for Covid-19 would become mandatory in the future, Macron replied, “This hypothesis exists,” before noting that France was not far off from being fully vaccinated anyway. The president did encourage the “little more than 5 million of our fellow citizens …

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Musk keeps dumping Tesla shares

In his latest exercise of options, the world’s richest person unloaded another 934,091 shares, bringing the total to 10.7 million, roughly half of the Tesla stock options he promised to sell. In early November, Musk tweeted that he would sell 10% of his Tesla stock if his Twitter followers voted …

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Elon Musk keeps forgetting Bernie Sanders is still alive

“We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period,” Sanders tweeted on Saturday, to which Musk replied, “I keep forgetting you’re still alive.”  He followed up by floating the idea of selling Tesla stock. Musk previously sold billions in shares after putting out a poll asking if he …

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Russian elections: Pro-Putin party loses support but keeps ‘supermajority,’ Communists get big boost but allege count was rigged

Half the seats in the State Duma are awarded by proportional representation, while the others are assigned by ‘first-past-the-post’ results in single member constituencies. United Russia, the ruling party, has officially received close to 50% of all votes cast, while sweeping the overwhelming majority of constituencies, with 99% of votes …

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