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Orange juice prices go bananas

The US Agriculture Department (USDA) issued a gloomy forecast last week for Florida’s orange crop, forecasting that the state will harvest merely 44.5 million 40-kilogram boxes of oranges in 2022 amid citrus disease and bad weather. This would be the smallest crop yield since the 1944-45 season, an analyst from the …

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The juice of this vegetable protects from blood clots

Thrombosis is a major factor in heart attacks and strokesRegular consumption of tomato juice is an effective measure of protection from this dangerous phenomenon. Spanish scientists from the Complutense University stated: the substances contained in tomatoes and tomato juice, “have a significant impact on reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular …

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Helps to lose weight aloe Vera juice: meet nutritionists

Aloe Vera helps to get rid of the burn you’ve probably heard more than once. But now the juice of this succulent plants declares the newest tool for weight loss. Nutritionists say that its use can speed up the metabolism, helps digestion and burns calories. Not to mention what wonders …

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Daily consumption of this juice helps to reduce the pressure

Tasty and healthy. According to the researchers, high blood pressure is a common disease. This can be caused by unhealthy diet or insufficient amount of physical activity. The condition, which is also known as hypertension, puts extra pressure on blood vessels and vital organs. Reduce the risk symptoms of high …

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