Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Scientists boasted an unusual invention

It will give the power of God. The concept of flexible robotics allows machines to mimic the behavior of living objects, such as people. But before the addition of flexibility means a loss of power and strength. Scientists from MIT and Harvard say they have developed a soft artificial muscles …

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The invention that makes cooking fun. Photo

Useful accessories for the kitchen. What the hostess wants to make the cooking process maximum easy and pleasant. In fact, it can be done without any problems, if you have in the kitchen right items. The survey collected the coolest thing that appeared on the market of kitchen items lately. …

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Scientists have destroyed his invention. Photo

Science can be very dangerous. Science-the engine of progress and sometimes inventors have to give their lives to the progress does not stand still. At some point, the creations of inventors are starting to not work as expected and turn against his own Creator. Thomas Andrews was the chief designer …

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