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American intelligence financed Ukrainian spy sting against purported Russian mercenaries set up & detained in Belarus, CNN alleges

The broadcaster, which is known to have a close relationship with members of Washington’s intelligence community, alleges that Kiev’s spooks conspired to convince authorities in Belarus to arrest a group of 33 Russians last June on charges that they were planning to interfere in the country’s upcoming elections. Three “former …

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US report on Covid-19 origins finds intelligence community ‘divided’ between lab leak and animal exposure theories

The ‘Intelligence Community assessment,’ released on Friday, found that officials “remain divided on the most likely origin of Covid-19,” acknowledging, however, that two hypotheses are most likely: “natural exposure to an infected animal or a laboratory-associated incident.” One agency, which is not identified in the report, argued with “moderate confidence” …

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Pentagon believes AI can predict world events. As an ex-military intelligence analyst on Iraq & USSR, I’m more than skeptical

As any Tom Cruise fan will tell you, claims of precognitive ability do not have happy endings. Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film, ‘Minority Report’, drove that point home in spades. But that was fiction – no, worse than fiction: Hollywood fiction, where screenwriters and directors conspire to manufacture viscerally pleasing narratives …

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