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Monsters inspired by real animals

The human imagination is limitless. The history of its existence, we have managed to invent and build for yourself a whole new world. If our minds could not cope with the explanation of a phenomenon, we connected the imagination. But sometimes people used the imagination out of boredom. So, we …

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Sweet horror: cakes inspired by horror

If someone is a big fan of horror movies, it does not mean that it is powered entirely by human eyes canned and dried rat tails. Horror fan too, can please the original cake made in the theme of his favorite scary paintings. ZU offers a selection of bright ideas …

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The cartoon that inspired the Creator of “the cube”

Present to you the “Balance”, the winner of the “Oscar” in the category “best animated short film” in 1990. It was filmed in 1989 a German animator and twin brothers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein. As it turned out, this strange and grim animated work inspired by canadian Director Vincenzo Natali …

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