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Independence of Catalonia: Spain’s constitutional court ruled

The Parliament of Catalonia banned the meeting on the question of the referendum results. Spain’s constitutional court banned the plenary session of the Parliament of Catalonia, which should decide the question of declaring the independence of the region in view of the results of the recent referendum, unrecognised by official …

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Became known, when Catalonia declares independence

Carles Putteman said that when the region becomes independent. The intervention of the government of Spain in events in the territory of Catalonia would be a mistake, said the head of government autonomy Carles Pujdeme shortly after king Felipe VI called the nation to unity. The President of the Generalitat …

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Vandals defaced the art facility on Independence square

The inscription is established by the Eurovision song contest. In the center of Kiev, the vandals messed with the inscription “I love Kyiv”. On the Independence Maidan bullies messed with the inscription “I love Kyiv”, breaking the letter “K”. Note that large letters appeared in early July, replacing white decorative …

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The results of the referendum on independence for Kurds

The majority of Kurds were in favor of independence from Iran. The turnout for the plebiscite on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan in Northern Iraq amounted to 78%. About it with reference to the local radio station. Reportedly, despite pressure from the Iraqi authorities, which also includes Kurdish autonomy, and …

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In Iraq, began a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan

Against the vote were made by Turkey, Iran, the EU and the USA. The referendum, participants had to decide whether there will be Iraqi Kurdistan is part of Iraq or become an independent state, began on Monday. Part of Iraqi Kurdistan has four provinces – Dohuk, Hewler, Sulaymaniyah and Halabja. …

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