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In Kharkov blew up the impressive unfinished. Video

To break – not to build: blow it was faster and cheaper. In Kharkov by blasting dismantled the unfinished house. Today, July 15, at 11 o’clock on the Avenue of Science 25B bomb experts and rescue workers carried out the demolition of an unfinished house by blasting. As a result …

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Off the coast of Odessa is lined warships: impressive photo

Incredible warships revealed at coast of Odessa sea. Warships of the Ukrainian Navy and Maritime border guard service lined up at the berths marine station on the eve of July 2, the Day of the fleet. It is known that the visitors showed the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”, landing ship “Yury …

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Women’s wrestling in the impressive retro pictures. Photo

It’s definitely not a woman’s occupation. Wrestling is a staged sport that combines a variety of acrobatic maneuvers, the attacker and force techniques, throws and grappling, often borrowed from various martial arts. Especially effective is the fight against women’s participation. A selection of old photographs of how aggressively fought in …

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Scientists have made an impressive discovery of Uranium

This gas giant is different from other planets in the Solar system instability of the magnetic field.Gas giant Uranus is changing its pole places every day. On this unusual instability of the planet, scientists write in the article in the journal JGR: Space Physics. Uranium radically different from the other …

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Impressive predictions that really came true. Photo

Unexpected for its time ideas. At a time when most of these predictions were formulated, they seemed no more than a figment of a sick imagination. But, surprisingly, come true. Of the 1660-ies: “the time will Come when people will transplant internal organs from one body to another” In the …

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