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Family life in funny illustrations

She is able to notice the details. Amanda Oleander – American artist paints cute pictures about life couples. She believes that true love is in the details, intimate and tender moments of personal life not to document – that is why it creates such candid pictures.

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Superheroes on vacation in the cheerful illustrations

The artist has a great imagination. Unfortunately, time does not stand still, and the years take their toll. And as regrettable as it may sound, but old age comes to everyone. But that’s only to say on this topic is quite irrelevant, especially when it comes to comics and cartoons, …

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Love honest illustrations of American artist. Photo

Work Amanda Oleander. Love is not just loud words and wide gestures. She hides in little moments — fooling around in bed, snore in front of the TV or Breakfast in bed on Sundays. Artist Amanda Oleander (Oleander Amanda) from Los Angeles embodies these moments on paper. She takes inspiration …

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Parallel reality in a funny illustrations

If things were different. It seems incredible, but many physicists believe that somewhere in the Universe there is a parallel world in which almost everything is the same as ours. And while they’re looking for proof, the artists have fantasized on the subject and showed its vision of a world …

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