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Scientists have identified the main cause of pimples

Apply to eliminate acne various antibiotics and other medications – it is in vain. American scientists have named the main reason for the development of inflammatory skin diseases, particularly acne. Experts believe that the presence or absence of acne on the face determines the overall microflora, and not the presence …

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Kidney stones: the experts identified the main causes of

Kidney stones – a pathology, which people may not even know. The doctors listed possible causes of kidney stones. Turns on their appearance affects the place of permanent human habitation, and what is to the South, the more likely their appearance. To monitor the possibility of kidney stones, it is …

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Doctors have identified the most useful posture for sleep

British scientists have figured out what side to sleep better.British scientists have figured out what side to sleep better. After analyzing the health of several people, they came to the conclusion that the most useful sleep on my left side. In this position aktiviziruyutsya the digestive system and the body …

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Identified the main factors that destroy marriage

The results of research of sociologists. After analyzing the statistics of divorces over the last five years, the scientists came to the conclusion that three factors often influence the crisis and bring the marriage to divorce. The couple are inattentive to each other, but require the partners too much, said …

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Studied and identified the main causes of chronic fatigue

The opening allows you to treat chronic fatigue syndrome in the field of disorders of the immune system. From chronic fatigue syndrome suffers 2.6 percent of the total population. Many doctors consider it “fake” disease, but Australian researchers have demonstrated that it is associated with defective cellular receptors of immune …

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Doctors have identified the primary precursor to a stroke

This need to know everyone. Stroke is one of the life-threatening disease, the symptoms of which and the rules of provision of basic first aid everyone should know. How to detect a stroke? There are a number of myths about the symptoms, which manifests itself as a stroke. Unfortunately, this …

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