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Scientists have identified an unusual ability of cats

Cats are able to distinguish their own name from other words.Scientists from the University of Sophia in Tokyo received confirmation that cats can understand human speech. The researchers found that cats are able to distinguish its name from other words, even if spoken with an accent. In the study, researchers …

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Scientists have identified a rare ability of some people

Some people can sense magnetic fields. According to new research, a weak magnetic field effect on the patterns of brain waves in some people. Experimental data show that the human brain is able to respond to the Earth’s magnetic field, albeit on an unconscious level. After many years of research, …

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Identified the main factors of lung cancer

This disease can manifest itself, even if you have never smoked. Every fifth case of lung cancer diagnosed in those who have never even touched a cigarette. According to statistics, lung cancer affects women more, in addition, patients who have never smoked, tend to be younger smokers who are diagnosed …

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Identified cost phablet Xiaomi Mi 3 Max

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3 Max, before the announcement of which just a few days, will not surprise the new design, but may be able to please a tasty price. Insiders have published the cost of its top-end configuration, and it was significantly lower than you could imagine. According to available …

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Identified an unusual cause of arrhythmia

Arrhythmia is a pathological condition in which there are disturbances in the heart rhythm and, in General, irregular heartbeat. One of the consequences of the arrhythmia may be a stroke. Scientists have found that the development of this disease can lead drinking Cola. That the lovers of sweet pop at …

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Identified as an effective recipe to combat gallstone disease

The problem, familiar to many. Gallstone disease – a disease caused by the formation of gallstones, rarely in bile ducts. The main cause of stone formation – metabolic disorders of cholesterol, bile acids and bilirubin, inflammation in the gall bladder and stagnation of bile in it. Often affects obese women. …

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