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Chimps do what we thought only humans could, study reveals

A team of researchers from Osnabruck University in Germany claim to have observed a behavior in chimpanzees that was previously thought to be specific to humans: giving each other medical assistance. The findings were reported in the journal Current Biology on Monday. Many species of animals are known to engage …

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Dogs understand humans better than expected, study shows

Dogs are capable of recognizing familiar human language and differentiating it from an unfamiliar one, a fresh study suggests. Canines can also tell the difference between familiar words regardless of intonation. Our canine pets appear to be able to distinguish various languages even without prior training, research by the Hungarian …

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Mind-reading robot tested on humans – reports

Chinese scientists have built a wearable robot that can reportedly read a human mind by monitoring brain waves and muscle activity. Developers claim the machine was able to “recognize human intention” with 96% accuracy. Testing the device on factory workers, researchers from the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Centre at China …

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