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‘It’s terrible’: Team USA ice stars condemn China for ‘human rights violations regarding the Muslims’ over Uyghur controversy

Politicians including Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, have called for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games because of questions around China’s human rights records, including claims that have been supported by human rights groups over the incarceration of Muslims in the Xinjiang province …

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‘Russian virgins & cocaine’: Moscow protests over racy human trafficking ad from Spanish NGO ‘offering’ teenage girls to passersby

The adverts, posted last week to mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, feature a restaurant-style whiteboard offering a special dish of “Russian virgins and cocaine.” Other listings include “Katia, 17 years old,” and “Sophia, 20 years old,” for €50 each ($58). Would-be punters are also told that for an …

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China warns US using human rights as ‘pretext’ for more anti-Russia sanctions, as Beijing publicly backs Moscow in new standoff

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has accused US lawmakers of using human rights as a “pretext” for imposing new anti-Russia measures that undermine recent negotiations between the Kremlin and Washington. Speaking on Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman said that “China is strongly against Washington applying unilateral sanctions under the pretext …

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Outraged bosses slam ‘objectification of human body’ after broadcaster shows close-up shots of top female climber’s buttocks

Graz-based star Johanna Farber angrily called for an end to “sexualizing women in sports” after a similar incident in June, urging people to condemn “disrespectful and upsetting” slow-motion clips and spend more time judging female athletes purely on their performance. Now Farber has received a strong public apology from the International Federation …

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