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New year’s horror of the Most Terrible Books – DAD COME

And again karpovye audiobooks in the memory, this time the voice has been the story , “Daddy’s coming” from the anthology-best seller (for the month with sales beginning in the warehouses of the publishing house, not a single instance of) “the worst book 2018”. A story on the theme of …

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Out free multiplayer horror game SCP: Secret Laboratory

The game is based on survival horror SCP: Containment Breach 2012 from indie developer escape Games from Finland. According to the story SCP is a secret organization whose employees are caught all kinds of deviant crap, lock up the chambers, and then wait, when they will break, and will inflict …

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TOP 10 horror games of 2017 from Michael Pavlov

<< < 1 2 3 4 … 11 > >> Look through this list and realize how everything has turned out to be a gorgeous outgoing year from the standpoint of a fan of horror! Genre movies were rattling all over the world, set records at the box office, won …

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1000 games in the knowledge base Zone of Horror

Multiplayer arena first person shooter Quake: Champions became strong on account of the game that we have added to our knowledge base. Yes, you read that right, now in the Area of Horror you can find details (and more screenshots, videos, news, passing, etc.) about a thousand good games. At …

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Jack black will return in a sequel to “Horror”

The nebula around preparing to shoot the second part of the horror-Comedy “Horror” begins to make sense. In the morning we learned about a small shift in the dates of the premiere, and now the resource Deadline reports that the film still comes off cool actor and the star of …

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