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Ready for Polexit? Warsaw’s populists are heading for the mother of all showdowns with the EU. And no, it’s not Russia’s fault

Le Monde, the French newspaper of record, has pointed out that the Constitutional Tribunal’s move last week is unprecedented. This is no exaggeration: Poland’s judges have attacked the foundations of the EU, producing, as even Germany’s cautious Der Spiegel recognizes, an “enormous explosive potential.”  It is true that, in the past, …

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Network laugh indecent heading to football news in Rosssmi

Users have begun to invent their own versions of the verb.Profile of the Russian football edition not invented anything better than to give the news about the League match between the “Locomotive” and “Krasnodar” with the use of idioms, closely related to pornography. “The locomotive” section of the “Krasnodar” …

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The media learned why the Ukrainian airliner heading to Rostov

The Ukrainian company sold the ship in the Seychelles. The ship “General Vatutin” go to Russia, because the company owner “Chervona Ruta” sold it. About it the Ukrainian truth was reported by sources familiar with the situation. As noted by the interlocutor of the edition, the ship Ishmael were issued …

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