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$ 218 — all you need for happiness

Our government is so far removed from reality that is already zeroed and the meaning of the terms “rich” and “poor”. It seems that our President sincerely believes in the effectiveness of propaganda — if all the more convincing to assure citizens that they are all not as bad as …

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ABC of happiness from We Happy Few (TRAILER)

Getting closer and closer to the release of amusing, judging from what we know about her, play We Happy Few. Dystopia in the spirit of “1984” and “brave new world” – it’s worth playing at least for the purpose of General education and acquaintance with the subject. A world where …

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Julia Roberts shared the main secrets to personal happiness

Beauty is what makes her smile every day. Julia Roberts can rightly be called a style icon and idol of many women. The actress knows how to combine personal life (Julia’s three children) and work. The winner of the “Golden globe” and “Oscar” continues to appear in the movie, conquering …

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Scientists have invented candy of youth and happiness

Scientists from Germany have developed a candy of youth and happiness Experienced experts from Germany has developed a unique candy that give youth and happiness to all who try. It should be noted that the specialists all turned out and candy will soon go on sale. Scientists Adolf Andersen from …

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Funny and evil teaser game Cyanide and Happiness

Love black humor? Respect the cartoons “Happy Tree Friends” and “South Park”? Palestinethe news on the subject of funny memes? Then we have for you something delicious. Namely, the first teaser video games based on the famous satirical comic strip “Cyanide & Happiness”. The first comic book appeared in 2004 …

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