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The Sphinx of Europe: Unpredictable & widely misunderstood in the West, what happens next in crisis-hit Belarus is anyone’s guess

Naturally, his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin prompt widespread commentary and speculation each time. Beyond important details, such as gas prices or credits, understanding these trips depends, in essence, on three main points. First, and most obviously, is the relationship between the two countries. Belarus is clearly becoming more …

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Why Israel seeks to derail Palestinian election before it happens

Israeli news outlet Walla recently revealed the anxiety felt by Israeli officers in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. The Hebrew media site quoted IDF officers as indicating a raised level of alert to an escalation of violent demonstrations and armed attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers. Unrest is a ripple …

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Now, what happens if you insult someone else’s child

It’s amazing how well developed in Russia collective intelligence: one of them said, without thinking, the second, too, especially without understanding, caught and passed the third. And then you Wake up in a country where very often some experts but other analysts with their “true judgments”. For example, the history …

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What happens if physicians declare a mass strike?

“We are on the threshold of a broad campaign for a change in the policy of the state in health care” What happens if physicians declare a mass strike? Interview with Union leader Last weekend, doctors in Russia celebrated their professional holiday. Healthcare in Russia remains a challenge. This is …

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