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UK families warm themselves at McDonald’s – Guardian

Struggling UK families are spending their evenings at McDonald’s to cut energy costs, The Guardian reported on Wednesday. They do so amid the highest inflation rate in 40 years. These families reportedly turn to places like McDonalds for free wi-fi, heat, and less-expensive food. “People are buying their kids a …

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US snooped on UK reporter – Guardian

The US Department of Justice secretly subpoenaed the personal phone account data of a Guardian reporter during an investigation into leaks regarding the Trump administration’s border policy, the UK-based media outlet wrote on Thursday. Investigators looking for the source of leaks regarding the administration’s Mexican border policy issued the subpoena …

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Guardian accused of sitting on bombshell story about Assange

The allegations against the leading UK publication, which has a record of covering the WikiLeaks whistleblower, were raised by the left-wing news website Mintpress. It cited communications between the security firm UC Global and The Guardian. The company is currently being tried in Spain for its alleged role in conducting …

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‘Russiagate’ redux: The Guardian’s spooky anonymous ‘sources’ claim Putin put Trump in power, but there’s still no hard evidence

On Thursday, London’s Guardian newspaper delivered the latest installment in this long-standing ‘Russiagate’ tradition. Rolling out a series of supposed revelations, intended to shock readers with the scale of the alleged deception behind Trump’s win, journalist Luke Harding, who has previous experience in publishing fake stories on this theme, alleged …

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‘Extremists’ – or is that conservatives? – are cognitively deficient: Guardian pumps up pseudoscientific assault on wrongthinkers

Donald Trump may be gone, but his supporters are still hanging around, gumming up the works and interfering with returning both halves of the American uni-party system to their proper anti-populist, war-loving baseline. This means playing whack-a-mole with the “wrongthinkers” on the Right, whether it’s knocking them off social media, …

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