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Russia explains its view of US goals in Ukraine

The real goal the US is pursuing by providing military aid to Ukraine is to deprive Russia of its independent stance on the international stage, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the Rossiya 1 TV channel program ‘Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.’ show on Sunday. Washington wants Moscow to have no say …

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Pentagon updates US goals in Ukraine

The US is seeking to make the conflict in Ukraine more costly for Moscow than whatever Russian President Vladimir Putin hoped to achieve, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl said on Tuesday. Kahl insisted that Russia was making only “tactical” gains in Ukraine and would be unable to …

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China names US goals in Ukraine

The US isn’t interested in peace in Ukraine but is instead doing everything it can for the conflict in the country to last as long as possible, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said during a briefing on Friday. “While the international community is calling for the end to hostilities, …

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Is this one of the most suspicious goals ever scored? (VIDEO)

The Colombian soccer players’ association are crying foul and calling for an investigation after late goals scored in the 95th and 96th minute in Union Magdalena’s fixture with Llaneros FC meant that El Union, who are based in the Santa Marta region of Magdalena in Colombia, confirmed their promotion to next season’s …

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Fluent in goals: Suarez ‘appears in Italian citizenship cheating hearing’ – then is branded a ‘b*stard’ by Costa after scoring two

Police launched an investigation earlier this month after discovering that Suarez, whose move from Barcelona to Juventus fell through, allegedly attempted to cheat the test at the University of Perugia. The director of the university and three professors were suspended for eight months after an initial report found they attempted to …

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