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US Air Force embraces gender pronouns

The military division authorized using gender pronouns in a piece of correspondence earlier this month, which was made public over the weekend. The document states that while the “use of pronouns (he/him, she/her, or they/them) in an email signature is authorized,” it is “not required.” The signature block in Air …

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British ex-MP hammers RAF for ‘woke’ new gender-neutral term

The Royal Air Force (RAF) quietly stopped calling its personnel “Airmen” and “Airwomen” earlier this year, switching to the gender-neutral “Aviator” instead. The change caused some controversy online as military members quibbled over whether an RAF desk clerk was technically an ‘Aviator,’ but by and large passed without a media …

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Scottish schoolgirls ‘boycott gender-neutral toilets’

Gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming increasingly common in Scottish educational institutes. Schools in Angus, Dundee, East Renfrewshire and Edinburgh have all introduced such facilities, and all new school buildings – primary and secondary – in Edinburgh will soon have unisex toilets and communal hand-washing facilities by default. This move to gender …

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